Data Protection Policy

Essex Metropolitan County Netball Association

Data Protection & Data Breach Policy: Sept 2021

Essex Metropolitan Netball Association (“EMNA”) is committed to complying with data protection law and to respecting the privacy rights of individuals. The policy applies to all of our staff, workers, directors, volunteers and consultants (“Workers”).

This Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) sets out our approach to data protection law and the principles that we will apply to our processing of personal data. The aim of this Policy is to ensure that we process personal data in accordance with the law and with the utmost care and respect.

References in this Policy to “us”, “we” and “our” are to EMNA. References to “you”, “yourself” and “your” are to each Worker to whom this Policy applies.

We recognise that you have an important role to play in achieving these aims. It is your responsibility, therefore, to familiarise yourself with this Policy and to apply and implement its requirements when processing any personal data. Please pay special attention to sections 14, 15 and 16 as these set out the practical day to day actions that you must adhere to when working or volunteering for the organisation. 

Data protection law is a complex area. This Policy has been designed to ensure that you are aware of the legal requirements imposed on you and on us and to give you practical guidance on how to comply with them. This Policy also sets out the consequences of failing to comply with these legal requirements. However, this Policy is not an exhaustive statement of data protection law nor of our or your responsibilities in relation to data protection.

If at any time you have any queries on this Policy, your responsibilities or any aspect of data protection law, seek advice.  Contact the Data Protection Lead, 

Our full data protection policy is available here:  Data-Protection-Policy 2021

In addition, our full data breach policy is available here: Data Breach Policy 2021

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