Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Guidance and Support

The health and safety of all Essex Met members is very important to us and we are following England Netball and Government guidelines to safely return to netball.

We are currently completing a risk assessment and developing a mitigation plan to help us safely return to court as soon as we can.  The England Netball website hosts a wealth of comprehensive information and support for all its members. Links to key documents can be found below:

  1. Understanding the Risk of Netball Video
  2. Updated Restart Guidance v3 March 21 and Restart addendum (step 3)
  3. Health Screening Questions
  4. Stage 4 Rules Modification video
  5. Track & Trace Protocol
  6. Roadmap
  7. Essex Met League Protocols updated 11 December
  8. Track & Trace Essex Met QR code for members to scan on match days
  9. Sanitisation Protocol
  10. RISK ASSESSMENT updated 20.12.20
  11. League ‘opt in’ statement
  12. Test & Trace FAQs
  13. RISK MITIGATION PLAN updated 20.12.20

Additional key documents will be available and updated here as they become available.

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