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Essex Metropolitan Netball Association

Essex Met is an Essex based netball league consisting of more than 88 netball teams and hundreds of players, helping girls and Women of all ages.
Essex Met consists of 5 boroughs; Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham and Waltham Forest.
Our Essex Met League ( main league ) and junior league games are played at the Redbride Sports Centre. We have teams and clubs playing in our league from all over London and the South east.
What are the League rules ?
League rules can be found here
Who runs Essex Met ?
The committee is staffed entirely by volunteers who give their time to the league and who care passionately about netball at all levels. They meet once a month to discuss any matters that may arise from members, as well as development at regional and National levels.

Contact the Comittee

Chairman: Pat Meadows, Email: chair@essexmet.co.uk
Vice Chairman: Vacant
General Secretary and 3 Swords Secretary: Ann Reilly, Email: secretary@essexmet.co.uk

League Representative: Yvette Hurley, Email: league@essexmet.co.uk
Results Secretary and Disciplinary Secretary: Tracy Howe, Email: results@essexmet.co.uk
Junior Officer: Ian Smith, Email: juniorleague@essexmet.co.uk

Affiliations Secretary and Treasurer: Maggie Fuller, Email: affiliations@essexmet.co.uk
Umpiring Secretary: Jane Kelloe, Email: umpiring@essexmet.co.uk
Safeguarding - Welfare Officer: Michelle Cox, Email: safeguarding@essexmet.co.uk

Publicity Officer: Shelley Wyatt, Email: publicity@essexmet.co.uk
Coaching Secretary and Development Officer: Bisi Owolabi, Email: development@essexmet.co.uk

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