Congratulations to Essex Met’s new umpires

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Essex Met is delighted to congratulate its new umpires, who have achieved their awards since the re-introduction of umpire assessments in September 2021.

These are:-

Into Officiating Award – Alice Longshaw (Island)-Alice has the distinction of being the first Into Officiating Award pass in Essex Met and is already working towards her C Award

C Award – Fran Cross (Essex Met), Cherelle Mitchell (Leyton) and an umpire who took her assessment in Essex Thurrock, as she is a member of both Counties

B Award – Loan Uong (Essex Met)

Fran, Cherelle and Loan had been waiting for their assessments since the suspension of netball activity in March 2020, so very well done to them for their patience and perseverence.

As Into Officiating, C and B umpiring courses are made available in 2022, we look forward to continued umpiring successes in the New Year.

For information about the umpiring pathway, please contact our County Officiating Lead Jane Kelloe or check our website.