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The Essex Metropolitan Netball Association (EMNA) leagues are proud of the experience and culture we have developed and continue to progress as the environment changes.  We would like to give our members the opportunity to be part of our growth, including giving them the opportunity to submit feedback, comments or suggestions for the EMNA leagues, which the Executive Committee would review. In order for us to continue to improve and develop, we would like ongoing input from our members. Please use the current Results Box at Redbridge Sports Centre to post comments, positive or constructive feedback and suggestions, either anonymously or clubs/names can be included.  The Executive Committee will collect and review all postings at their monthly Executive Committee meetings.

Response to all relevant comments, suggestions and proposals will be posted here:

FAQs EMNA @ Mar 23

This is so all clubs can see what is currently being proposed by our members and what actions the Executive Committee are taking in response to those proposals (content on the website will maintain confidentiality and anonymise all contributor(s), unless specific consent is given). We value your opinions, so please start posting your comments in the Results box or please complete this form here: Essex met feedback form.