Free Games Management Seminars

Essex Met Game Management

Essex Met is pleased to offer its umpires and a representative from its clubs a free online Game Management seminar. The seminar will be tutored by Jane Kelloe, an England Netball umpire tutor.

To maximise the opportunities to attend, we will hold the seminar on two different days, Thursday 2 February and Wednesday 8 February, both at 7pm to 8pm. Please select the date which suits you.

Umpires-please email me if you wish to attend and on which date.

Club Secretaries-please email me with the name and email address of your representative and the date on which s/he wishes to attend.

Umpires and Club Secretaries-please let me know if there are any Game Management questions which you would like to be included in the seminar.

I will email the link to each seminar to the attendees before the scheduled date: to enable me to contact them in advance, the deadlines for applying for each seminar are:-

  • 30 January for the 2 February seminar
  • 5 February for the 8 February seminar

Any queries, please let me know.

Jane Kelloe

County Officiating Lead