Essex Met – Planning for the Future

Essex Metropolitan Netball League

We are proud of our netball in Essex Met-proud of our members who have achieved national and international success, proud of our members who have represented our County and proud of our members who participate in our leagues and contribute to their ongoing success-coaches, players, supporters, umpires and volunteers. We want to increase the opportunities for all individuals to participate and grow our sport, but we have had to turn away clubs and teams, because we have had no space in our Junior and Essex Met leagues. In addition, we have recently been advised by Redbridge Sports Centre that, as currently structured, Redbridge is at capacity for our Leagues (courts and car parking).

We will therefore need to explore other alternatives for expansion and growth and we want you to to let us know what you would like/what options you would like us to explore.

A few thoughts are:-

1. including a 4.30pm slot for the Essex Met League

  1. shortening match times in the Essex Met League to 12 minutes per quarter, so that we could more easily include a fifth timeslot
  2. raising the minimum age for participation in the Essex Met League to 16 (currently 14)
  3. using another venue or venues (on the same day as the existing leagues), so that we can accommodate more teams in our existing leagues
  4. running another junior and/or senior league at Redbridge, but on another day or days-alternate Saturdays, Sunday or mid-week6. restructuring the Junior League, so that there is only one team per club in each age group, with those teams being selected via play-offs, to enhance competitiveness. All other teams would play in a (new) Development League

    If we establish another league or leagues, we would also need more volunteers to organise and run them, although our existing Committee members will be available to help and support. A post is available on the Executive Committee for a new league organiser and we can also create a sub-Committee or working group for new volunteers.

Jane Kelloe has agreed to co-ordinate your responses for review by the Executive Committee in March, to give us (and our new volunteers!) time to plan for the start of next season in September. Please contact her (copied on this email) by 28 February 2023 with your suggestions and your availability to assist. You can reply by email, by using the Suggestion Box (the Results Box at Redbridge) or by completing the Googleform Planning for the future in Essex Met using this link

In the meantime, please contact me or any other member of the Executive Committee if you have have any queries.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Meadows

Chair, Essex Met