Officiating practical assessment – fee increase

Please be advised that, with effect from 1 April 2024, the fees for Officiating practical assessments will be increased as set out below, to better reflect the time required from assessors and the increased fees payable to assessors. I have included the fees for the written assessments for completeness, although these remain unchanged.

A Award – Practical Assessment -£150
A Award – Written Assessment -£50 (unchanged)
B Award – Practical Assessment £80
B Award – Written Assessment £50 (unchanged)
C Award – Practical Assessment  £53
C Award – Written Assessment* £10 (unchanged)
Into Officiating Award Practical Assessment £33

*For Learners that are on the virtual courses, the first sitting of your C Award Written Assessment is covered within your course fee. However, if an additional sitting is required, you will need to pay Europe Netball £10.

Please let Jane Kellow know if you have any queries.