County Officiating Lead’s Report

Umpire Farrah Jaura

County Officiating Lead’s Report
Congratulations to all our successful learners (details below) and thanks to assessors, clubs
and teams for their role in assessments, both for Essex Met and for the Region. Thanks to
my colleagues on the Executive Committee for their support, in particular for funding our
mentoring scheme, the Into Officiating Workshops and the Game Management seminars, so
that we could offer these to our members at no cost. Thanks also to Redbridge for allowing
umpires to use the former café in the Pavilion and for all those, particularly Pat Meadows,
who provided refreshments for our umpires.
Successful learners (June 2022-May 2023) were:-
Into Officiating Award: Ava Aldridge, Samantha Banks, Keshia Boyce, Brooke Christie, Ella
Crossley, VJ Davidson, Daisy Donoghue, Emily Harley, Rebecca Hudson, Renee Hurley,
Danielle Kelly, Charlotte King, Qmariah Lynch, Marie-Claire Reid, Amrita Sanghera,
Annabelle Smith, Gracie Weatherley & Amelie Wheldon
C Award: Chantelle Budny, Ellie Chambers, Sue Green, Charlotte King, Lorna Newcombe &
Grace Waller
B Award: Chantell Johnson
A Award: Tania Legore & Bisi Owalabi
Assessor courses were made available this season and Ann Collof and Tania Legore have
both qualified as Into Officiating assessors, with one other trainee assessor to complete a
second assessment as part of their training.
All England Netball courses are now delivered online, with only the B Award course having a
practical session as part of the course. This has meant that learners have had to gain their
practical experience elsewhere, eg at training sessions. As an example of shared best
practice, we have introduced Into Officiating Workshops this season, to provide practical
experience for learners working towards the Into Officiating Award. This concept was
developed by Amber Derrien, the Middlesex County Officiating Lead and is now being used
very successfully by all Counties in L&SER.
More courses have been made available by England Netball and we are seeing learners
progress from Into Officiating to C Award. I am aware that the courses can get booked up
very quickly, so please use the Expression of Interest form on the England Netball website
and England Netball will contact you when a relevant course is available.
We continue to offer mentoring for learners working towards their Into Officiating, C and B
Awards and the Region continues to offer mentoring for learners working towards their A
As always, I am available to provide assistance and information to help our umpires qualify
and progress. Information is available on our website and on the England Netball website,
but if you have a query, please ask.
Jane Kelloe
County Officiating Lead

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