Covid and EDI Officer Report

Essex Metropolitan Netball League

Lead COVID Officer
The status and process of Positive COVID 19 cases has changed considerably. In line with
Government and England Netball guidelines monitoring is no longer required. Measures remain in
place in line with Redbridge Sports Centre Risk Assessment, if and when advised of any Covid
Case(s) enhanced Risk protocols are implemented by Redbridge Sports Centre. EN advise, as is
indicated on EMNA Risk and Mitigation Plan published on EMNA website, members advised not to
attend any netball activity if tested positive for COVID 19
L&SE Region Equality Diversity & Inclusion Working Group
Funding now available for any projects counties consider implementing, which support inclusivity of
all. Counties to submit funding requests to EN. Sporadic working group meetings, due to busyness,
personal leave and availability of group. Currently looking at other ways to share information and
ideas, to then implement in counties. Very successful Court Short Box launched, as part of the
NetballHer project. Discussions around other projects, and county led suggestions welcomed.

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